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Revenge of the Teacher's Pet: A Love Story (Yellow Shoe Fiction)

Fifty-year-old science teacher Dale Portwit believes that the peak of his life has come and gone. A failed suicide, a food fetishist, so isolated that the Best Man at his wedding is a framed photograph of his former mailman, Mr. Portwit resolves to live entirely for the moment, to speak his mind at each turn no matter what the consequences. He sets his sights upon Mary Ann Tucker, Elkhart Elementary's plump, accommodating third-grade teacher. Their whirlwind courtship leads to wedding bands, a house in the suburbs, and an indulgent sex life--so why aren't they happy? Perhaps a little revenge is just what this marriage needs…

Submitted:Mar 6, 2009
Author:Darrin Doyle
Brand:Louisiana State University Press
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Category:Literature & Fiction
3 diggs • 0 comments • Mar 6, 2009

Revenge of the Teacher's Pet

"Darrin Doyle's startling first novel is dirty and sweet, funny and terrifying. But above all else, it's one of a kind: I've never read a book like Revenge of the Teacher's Pet, one that so daringly and empathetically depicts the sometimes messed up, sometimes beautiful things we do in the name of love." --Brock Clarke, author.