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Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightPad - Chun-Li

The official Street Fighter IV FightPad controller for the Xbox 360 was designed specifically for fighting game fans to put new levels of control and precision in the palms of their hands. Using an enlarged, circular 8-way floating D-Pad and a classic six-button layout, the Street Fighter IV FightPad brings the old school fighting game experience right into your home. With separate turbo settings for each button and great ergonomics, prepare yourself for hours of competition, no quarters necessary…

Submitted:Jun 8, 2009
Brand:Mad Catz
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1 diggs • 0 comments • Jun 8, 2009

One Million Dollar Gamepad

For that price it better beat the damn game for you

1 diggs • 0 comments • Jun 8, 2009

Well it is a collectible...

but, that price is ridiculous!