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Melt It Off 2lb Ball Kit

The G-Ball & Leveraged Core Action! The secret of Mitch's exercise program is leveraged core action, using Mitch's calorie melting weapon, the G-Ball. Each of Mitch's innovative exercises engages the core and radiates outward targeting every major muscle in your body to sculpt beautiful abs, strong lean arms and to lift and firm the buns and legs. Mitch's Melt It OFF Program: Mitch's system includes the complete Melt It OFF guide so you lose pounds fast and keep losing them. You get meal plans, delicious recipes, a rotation calendar and so much more - so all your days are planned and easy. This guide is your personal blueprint for success…

Submitted:Apr 28, 2010
Brand:Melt It Off
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Melt it off

By using a small-sized medicine ball called the "G-Ball" and leveraged core action, the 3 day melt program by Mitch Gaylord is designed to drop up to 1 size and 5lbs.

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3 Day Melt

This is an Amazon.Com profile page for the Melt it Off" program. It contains information on the program as well as reviews.