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Mitsubishi PK10 Pocket Projector

Ultra portable LED DLP projector

Submitted:Feb 26, 2007
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Category:Computers & Accessories
4 diggs • 1 comment • Feb 26, 2007

SVGA Mini LED projector $380 shipped Mitsubishi PK10

Weighs 1 pound. Also includes battery for 2 hours of operation. LEDs will last 10000 hours.

3 diggs • 0 comments • Feb 28, 2007

LED mini projector at Amazon-Weighs 1LB-$380 shipped-Mitsubishi, DLP, SVGA

Also comes with battery pack for 2hrs of operation. Isn't anyone else amazed by it? Good price for 800x600 resolution. Specs say XGA is also native resolution.