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The Archaeology Of Comedy

The two hour search for comedy's Holy Grail continues in Dave and Tom's outrageous look back at the history of comedy. You've seen actors Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle on other tv shows, now watch them discover a lost Monty Python-influenced sketch comedy troupe that bucks the norm of sketch today; instead opting for a more deliberate and cerebral approach. Delightfully nostalgic yet unmistakably original, you''ll be glued to your screen as they take a look back on "this business of funny." From prehistoric pornography to poetic clowns on mountainsides, after watching Dave and Tom you''ll agree that history has never been this much fun…

Submitted:Sep 15, 2008
Brand:Pith-e Productions
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The Archaeology Of Comedy

See the Underground Comedy The Archaeology of Comedy with Dave and Tom DVD being given out / Booth #321_ BLOGWORLD &NEW MEDIA EXPO 2008 C/O FREEMAN 6675 West Sunset Road (215 &Rainbow) Las Vegas, NV 89118 September 20-21 2008

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The Archaeology Of Comedy

The sketch comedy duo of Tom Konkle and Dave Beeler has developed the new comedy DVD,Archaeology of Comedy, which cleverly parodies Discovery Channel and BBC type documentaries. Richard Lagina (Dave Beeler), the host of Wraparound, is an investigative reporter who interviews a Dr. George Flightus. (Tom Konkle)