Magic Glow Doodle Bear - Bright Pink

Imagine your child’s surprise turning into delight when you tell her that this is one toy that she can draw on. Using the included markers, girls can decorate this plush bear with sketches, tattoos, patterns, words, or whatever strikes their fancy during daylight hours. At night, girls can use the glow pen to make doodles on Penny the bear that magically show up in the dark. The bear also glows in the dark so girls can see exactly where they are doodling. Penny won’t have to live with her scribbles forever as the markers and the teddy bear are both machine-washable…

Submitted:Nov 22, 2005
Brand:Play Along Toys
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Category:Teddy Bears
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Doodle Bear mania?

We had the cabbage patch babies, then the tickle me Elmo, then the babie beanies. Now it appears that the Doodle Bear is the hot item for this season. Sold out in Amazon. In Ebay is going for 50.Dlls.