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Me so Horny Realistic Flesh Vibrating Vagina Male Masturbator Sex Toy & Original Artwork Chinese Love Spell Symbol Pocket Card Gift Set

100% Discreet Shipping in plain box !! We respect our customer's privacy! *** This toy comes an original artwork exclusive to us LePleasureDome, a re-print of an ancient chinese love spell symbol (the blk swirly motif on the yellow background in the middle of the artwork) We then had an artist to illustrate the lucky double Koi fish, Peony Flowers & good luck "Tai-Chi Ying Yang wheel" on the top to surround this beautiful love spell symbol ! Ledend has it this symbol can help you attrack loves and admirations! we re-printed on a card so you can carry in your wallet to brings you love & good luck! This is ours exclusive!

Submitted:Oct 19, 2009
Brand:Pleasure Dome
Total comments:2
Category:Masturbators & Dolls
11 diggs • 2 comments • Oct 19, 2009

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