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Mass Effect: Prima Official Game Guide / The Art of Mass Effect (2 Volume Set)

* Two Books: a $40 value - The Collector's Edition will include the FULL Mass Effect strategy guide PLUS the 192 page exclusive Mass Effect Art Book.

* Concept Art and Commentary - Prima's Mass Effect Art Book will include commentary from the developers at BioWare on the evolution of Mass Effect's elements, from ships to aliens to locations.

* Clean Box Art - Prima's one sheet for the guides will fall away when the shrinkwrap is removed, leaving pristine art, unmarred by logos, barcodes, or taglines…

Submitted:May 29, 2007
Author:Brad Anthony
Brand:Prima Games
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Category:Video Games
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Mass Effect released on or soon after August 27th?

The entry for the Mass Effect strategy guide claims a release date of August 27th--the game must surely be schedule for release that week. ZOMG mark your calendars!11!!!


Mass Effect (Prima Official Game Guide)

To get the full effect, you need this guide

•Full mission & optional assignment walkthroughs

•Massive galactic codex section for all the background you could want

•All Achievements and how to get them

•Mass Effect warfare secrets revealed

Submitted:May 10, 2007
Author:Stephen Stratton
Brand:Prima Games
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Category:Video Games
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How Far did Mass Effect really Slip?

Well, anyone that's been following the game knows the story of the delays. The most recent one being the most depressing by far.Microsoft said that the rumored delay to the September time frame was false speculation, and then I stumble across this while looking into buying the new Mass Effect book...


You and Wii: Everything You Need to Know (Prima Official Game Guides)

Everybody's Wii Guide!

·Mii stickers inside!

·Complete introduction to the Wii system, with instructions that are easy to follow.

·Thorough explanation of the Wii Menu, including Wii Channels and how to connect the console to the internet.

·Full description of Mii character creation from start to finish!

·Upload and edit your photos with the Wii using Photo Channel and our step-by-step instructions. Turn your favorite photos into a fun puzzle!

·Complete strategy for Wii Sports, the game included with the Wii console…

Submitted:Feb 21, 2007
Author:Dan Birlew
Brand:Prima Games
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Category:Video Games
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Stupidest Videogame Guide Ever? Yeah, probably...

Leave it to Prima to some out with a Wii Sports strategy guide...