Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

The RacorPro PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift allows you to take advantage of unused ceiling space to store your bike. Installation takes only a matter of minutes, and with its ingenious pulley system, raising and lowering your bike couldn't be easier. The lift lets you free up floor space, all while keeping your bike stored away safely where it can't be stolen, bumped into or knocked over. Can be used on ceilings up to 12' high and has a 50 lb. load capacity. It is constructed of solid steel for strength and durability and has 2 lift assemblies, two hook pulleys, a 48' rope, one rope cleat, and two 10" wood screws…

Submitted:Mar 7, 2008
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Racor Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift - $22 shipped

Handy, great user reviews. Use this to gain back some garage or apartment space currently occupied by your bike.