Love, Meg

Fans of Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen will fall in love with this gorgeously written story of one girl’s search for her family and herself.

Sixteen-year-old Meg Shanley has to start life over again in Los Angeles because her thirtyyear- old sister Lucie can’t get it together. Lucie is always chasing a new man, quitting her job, and packing up their lives. Meg wishes she didn’t have to count on Lucie, but she’s the only family Meg has ever known.

Then a man arrives on their doorstep and reveals a shocking truth: Back in New York Meg has an uncle, a grandmother, and a father who might not even know she exists…

Submitted:Aug 26, 2007
Author:C. Leigh Purtill
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Love, Meg (Hardcover) A novel

What if Jennifer Aniston was your Pen Pal? The Novel "Love, Meg" starts down one path and ends in the most unexpected of places.