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Defeating Jihad: How the war on terror may yet be won, in spite of ourselves

Four years after 9-11 the backbone of Islamic terrorist network is far from broken. Experts warn that for every Jihadist in custody or dead there are a few more at large, and that there will be many more New Yorks, Balis, and Madrids in the years to come. Future targets may also include vital infrastructure and energy installations. The reach and operational capability of Islamist terror cells is growing. They are present in areas previously closed to the recruiters of future "martyrs," notably in Iraq, and in countries where a mere decade ago they did not have a significant presence, most notably Indonesia…

Submitted:Aug 28, 2007
Author:Serge Trifkovic
Brand:Regina Orthodox Press,Csi
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Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terrorism Can Be Won

90 percent of Muslim immigrants said that if there were a conflict between the United States and their country of origin, they would be inclined to support their country of origin. In Detroit, 81 percent of Muslims "strongly agree" or "somewhat agree" that Shari'a should be the law of the land. All over the Western world Islamic centers have...