Playing With Fire

Submitted:Nov 2, 2006
Brand:Reincarnate Music
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Average rating: 1.9 / 256 (256 reviews)
6 diggs • 3 comments • Nov 2, 2006

Kevin Federline's Amazon.com Page Filled With 'Amazing' Tags & Reviews

Grasp the awe-inspiring insight of Kevin's 'fans' as they tag his album with terms such as causes diarrhea, scatastic, & ear bleach. Catch up on the hot reviews which state that K-Fed's album is "to music what Jeffrey Dahmer was to cuisine" and "make sure you catch a second of this from a passing car!"

5 diggs • 2 comments • Nov 4, 2006

Amazon tags for Kevin Federlines new album. Harsh.

This is what people are tagging K-feds debut album due for release Tuesday, November 7th.