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Oresteia in the Bambiland Having Ultimate Fisting

This is 74 minutes and 16 seconds of pure yellow screen. No more, no less. Without dizzying cinematic tricks and astonishing performances, Nigel Tomm's 2008 yellow-screen version of the Aeschylus' Oresteia is one of the most exuberant, extravagant films of the last decade. With some allusions to Elfriede Jelinek's (2004 Nobel Prize winner in Literature) play Bambiland, Nigel Tomm shows you more than the usual. Here, yellow is the starting point for the tragedy to begin. The eyes follow the principle of a simple idea, from which everything originates. Emptiness is filling Oresteia to the point of agony. Gradually…

Submitted:Jul 23, 2008
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Bambiland (2008)

New abstract movie by Nigel Tomm.

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First movie adaptation of the Qur'an (2008)

"It's 74 minutes and 16 seconds of a pure yellow screen. Without sound. Without change. Without dialogue. Without monologue. Just a crystal clear yellow screen. This is how director Nigel Tomm interprets the central religious text of Islam - the Qur'an."