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Flying Spaghetti Monster Car Emblem

5" embossed surface molded FSM logo for your car or just about any surface. Adhesive pad on back will conform to flat or slightly curved surfaces. Only Ring of Fire Enterprises manufactures this car emblem through an exclusive arrangement with Bobby Henderson. By purchasing from Ring of Fire Enterprises, you are directly supporting Bobby Henderson and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ring of Fire Enterprises tithes to Bobby Henderson and the Church on a regular basis. Made in the USA…

Submitted:Nov 29, 2007
Brand:Ring of Fire Enterprises
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10 diggs • 3 comments • Nov 29, 2007

Flying Spagehetti Monster - Car Emblem

Sick of the old Darwin Emblem? Try this!

2 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 3, 2007

Flying Spaghetti Monster Car Emblem - Piss Off The Fish People

Nice touch to your pacer.