The Modern Drunkard

Attempting to deconstruct America's joyless obsession with sobriety, The Modern Drunkard offers today's befuddled drinkers a comprehensive and instructive manual on how to drink-and how to do it well. Through articles, anecdotes, cartoons, and illustrations, Frank Kelly Rich campaigns to revive the lost art of tippling and taps a deep vein of boozy lore and legend through the ages, uncovering etiquette and expertise from some of history's greatest guzzlers…

Submitted:Sep 5, 2007
Author:Frank Kelly Rich
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The Modern Drunkard

As a college student I am use to seeing alot of drinking but I grew up being taught that drinking was an artform and that you must enjoy your drink, and not to drink a case of "nati light" and puke all over your frat house lawn. This book brings alittle class to something that has very little. Also digg needs a book topic section


The Areas of My Expertise

Hot on the heels of the #1 bestsellers The Onion's Our Dumb Century and Jon Stewart's America comes The Areas of My Expertise, the brilliant and uproarious #15 bestseller (i.e., a runaway phenomenon in its own right-no, seriously)-a lavish compendium of handy reference tables, fascinating trivia, and sage wisdom-all of it completely unresearched, completely undocumented and (presumably) completely untrue, fabricated by the illuminating, prodigious imagination of John Hodgman, certifiable genius…

Submitted:Dec 21, 2006
Author:John Hodgman
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John Hodgman is the first to do a readers review on his book on Amazon

As many know it is a free download on iTunes. I started to listen to it and then checked out Amazon's readers reviews.His is the very first: "I am the author of the book in question, and I am concerned by the report here regarding multiple, unwanted mailings on my behalf...... I realize, to give my own book five stars; but I am not.."funny stuff



For the first time, the biggest rock star in the world tells his life story.

In these extraordinary, intimate conversations, Bono speaks candidly about his faith, family, commitment, influences, and passions. It is the closest we will come, for now, to a memoir from the iconic frontman of U2…

Submitted:Apr 18, 2006
Author:Michka Assayas
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Bono Book Republished with Introduction by...Bono?

Bono's 400 page interview book has recently been republished in a new edition with simply the addition of an introduction by Bono Himself.