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Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things: How to Turn a Penny into a Radio, Make a Flood Alarm with an Aspirin, Change Milk into Plastic, Extract Water and ... a TV with Your Ring, and Other Amazing Feats

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things is a valuable resource for transforming ordinary objects into the extraordinary. With over 80 solutions and bonus applications at your disposal, you will be ready for almost any situation.

Do you know how to make something that can tell whether the $20 bill in your wallet is a fake? Or how to generate battery power with simple household items? Or how to create your own home security system? Science-savvy author Cy Tymony does. And now you can learn how to create these things and more than 40 other handy gadgets and gizmos in Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things…

Submitted:Sep 16, 2005
Author:Cy Tymony
Brand:Sales BOM - PARENT Item
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Category:Crafts & Hobbies
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Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

This book will definitely help you become the local MacGyver in your neck of the woods.