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No, David!

David's mom always said no! No,no,no. No,David! is Shannon's delightfully illustrated book of all the naughty things he used to get told off for as a child. Follow David as he jumps on his bed, walks mud through the house and breaks plant pots…

Submitted:Jun 13, 2012
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Category:Family Life
2 diggs • 0 comments • Jun 13, 2012 No, David! (9780590930024): David Shannon: Books No, David! (9780590930024): David Shannon: Books


101 Holiday Jokes

Submitted:Dec 22, 2009
Author:Rebecca Magruder
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23 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 22, 2009

Unbelievable childrens joke book review from amazon...

Did I really just read that?