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SimpleTech SimpleDrive 250 GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive

The SimpleDrive USB 2.0 External Hard Drive is the easiest way to add more lightning fast storage to any desktop or laptop computer. With a USB 2.0 connection, setup is a snap and data transfer rates are fast and reliable. These Mass Storage Compliant External Hard Drives are 100% compatible with any system that has a USB port. Engineered for performance and reliability, SimpleTech's high speed, high capacity drives are Ideal for any storage need, including digital music, movies and photographs. Every SimpleTech External Hard Drive comes with a FREE fully functioning copy of StorageSync Automatic Backup Software so full or incremental backups are fast and easy every time…

Submitted:Apr 30, 2005
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Category:External Hard Drives
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SimpleDrive 250GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

This drive is a necessity if you have huge files and need to save space for other tools to run as a webserver. Also if you have a spunk load of images this helps alot..

5 diggs • 0 comments • Apr 30, 2005

SimpleDrive 250GB External USB 2.0 Drive $159 with SimpleTech offers the SimpleTech SimpleDrive 250GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive for $159 + shipping. Includes StorageSync Automatic Backup Software.