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The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace with Your Inner Overachiever

For some women, success is a relative term. One in six women is an overachiever, constantly striving to do more, better, faster, and look fabulous at all times--so if you are looking around the room at your five closest friends thinking they're all slackers, it's you! You know who you are: the successful woman who feels competitive with her own friends and family members; the stick-thin athlete who won't stop working out; the guilt-ridden executive who always feels she has to do more than others to stay ahead; the grown-up "Little Miss Perfect" who can't stop being the Stepford wife and mother…

Submitted:Jan 24, 2008
Author:Cooper Lawrence
Total comments:8
Category:Personal Transformation
12 diggs • 3 comments • Jan 24, 2008 removes ALL reviews from The Cult of Perfection!!

Cooper Lawrence apparently has someone watching her back at All reviews have been removed from this and her other two books on the site. But the comments are still active...

10 diggs • 3 comments • Jan 24, 2008

Amazon deletes all Cooper Lawrence reviews

After the 'Mass Effect' controversy and backlash, Amazon removes all the reviews for her book after they were flooded with negative ratings. She expressed an opinion about something she never experienced -- reviewers expressed an opinion about something they never experienced. I don't see the problem here.

5 diggs • 1 comment • Jan 24, 2008

Fox News critic of Mass Effect gets owned.

Cooper Lawrence, outspoken critic of video games, and hater of mass effect is feeling the power of video game fans as her book "The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace with Your Inner Overachiever", gets bombarded with negative reviews from Mass Effect fans, and video game lovers alike.

3 diggs • 1 comment • Jan 25, 2008

Boycott Amazon: Legit Reviews of Fox / Mass Effect CENSORED

Amazon censored a large number of reviews reflecting the character of Cooper. Character plays a huge role in the field of psychology, reflective of person who wrote the book. How many other "reviews" have I read at Amazon that were mis-representations? They no longer have credibility, and will no longer receive money from me. Let the reader Judge

2 diggs • 0 comments • Jan 28, 2008

Amazon deleted all the reviews of her book (over 400)

Give her book 1 star!

1 diggs • 0 comments • Jan 25, 2008

I have to go with the research darling, book is horrible

It may be true that I haven't actually read this book, but after watching her bash a really good game. I realized that people don't need to actually play, read, or watch things to review them.I think the author needs to do her research before bashing something she knowns nothing about.