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PS3 FragFX Controller

The fragFX is the perfect controller to help the lifelong mouse-clicking computer gamer get the same ease of use from a console. It gives you that same PC style gameplay on the PS3 and doubles as an optimized mouse for PS Home and web navigation. The fragFX was designed for all game styles, but it's optimal for 1st and 3rd person shooter games - fragging will never be the same . No game internal mouse support is needed; fragFX works with all games…

Submitted:Sep 19, 2007
Brand:SplitFish Gameware
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Frag Fx - Frag Fx Review

Hey guys I was recently researching reviews for the Frag FX PlayStation 3 controller. What I found was all the naturally listings for the Frag Fx seemed to be...well dishonest. That is until I found reviews directly from people who had actually used the Frag Fx for the PS3. Check it out.

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PS3 ripping off wii's Nunchuck (PIC)

Title speaks for it self