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Ships of the Line (Star Trek)

They dared to risk it all in a skiff of reeds or leather, on a ship of wood or steel, knowing the only thing between them and certain death was their ship. To explore, to seek out what lay beyond the close and comfortable, every explorer had to embrace danger. And as they did so, what arose was a mystical bond, a passion for the ships that carried them. From the very first time humans dared to warp the fabric of space, escaping from the ashes of the third World War, they also created ships. These vessels have become the icons of mankind's desire to rise above the everyday, to seek out and make the unknown known…

Submitted:Jul 17, 2006
Brand:Star Trek
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Category:Graphic Design
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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (Hardcover)

Eighty-seven unique and dazzling calendar images created by some of Star Trek's most talented effects artists, collected for the first time in one handsome hardcover volume and spanning every era of the Star Trek mythos. Whoever buys Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar can finally have all the images over the years in one book!Text by Mike Okuda