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Yoga Booty Ballet Complete Workout System

Dance, Slim, and Tone with Hollywood's Fut Fitness Secret! See a Dramatic Difference in Your Body in JUST 2 WEEKS! Thousands have seen visible results fast - and so can you!

Yoga Booty Ballet is a combination of yoga, booty sculpting and dance that will make you feel strong, confident and beautiful. The workouts are so fun, you won't believe you're also loosing weight and sculpting long, lean muscles. This unique program was created by two of the nation's top fitness experts Gillian Marloth and Teigh Mcdonough, to help women become the best they can be…

Submitted:Mar 22, 2007
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Yoga BOOTY Ballet!

Get it while it's still in stock.. Man.. When I see stuff like this, I wish I would have thought of it FIRST.....