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Velocity DVD-R 8X 4.7GB 10-Spindle

Velocity DVD-R has 4.7GB of recording capacity – about six times the storage capacity of a CD-R - and has excellent recording quality, manufactured with high-quality organic dye recording layer materials that ensure reliable recording and playback function. The disc has a recording speed up to 8x and will empower you to burn the whole DVD-R disc in less than 9 minutes! It features write-once digital versatile disc and is perfect for massive capacity multimedia projects, data transfer, hard drive backup and archival storage. Important Notice: DVD-R discs are only write compatible with DVD-R/W drives and dual drives…

Submitted:Nov 5, 2005
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Category:DVD-R Discs
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FREE Velocity DVD-R 8X 4.7GB 10-Spindle

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Velocity DVD-R 8X 4.7GB 10-Spindle = -$0.01 After Mail-In-Rebate