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3 Steps To Recovery

Most people probably wouldn't laugh while dangling upside down from the side of a 430-foot cliff. Then again, most people wouldn't be stumbling around a mountaintop drunk and high on a pitch-black night. I was somewhat annoyed after noticing the torn front pocket of my new jeans the next morning, but my indignation quickly faded when my friends explained what happened. My pocket had become hooked on a tree limb as I plunged towards certain death. They went on to explain how they had formed a human chain and pulled me to safety. I thought they were joking until they drove me back up the mountain to see for myself. I haven't stepped within 20 feet of a cliff edge since that night…

Submitted:Jun 21, 2011
Author:Dan Farish
Brand:T-87 Publishing Company
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A new book written to help others beat addiction using 3 simple steps.

1 diggs • 0 comments • Jun 21, 2011 Customer Book Reviews: 3 Steps To Recovery