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Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)

The tri-band Motorola V600 cell phone features Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated VGA digital camera, and MMS with video clip playback. You'll also get "Situational Lights"--a feature that lets you light colors for various types of calls--and much more, all displayed on a large, high-resolution 176 x 220 pixels, 65,000 color interior screen.

The basic Motorola clamshell format continues to provide a solid and attractive option for any dedicated cell phone user. Its steel frame is compact and attractive, (the faceplate-changing capabilities seem a bit unnecessary) and it's loaded with all the essential features you'll need for power usage plus a few bonuses…

Submitted:Mar 9, 2005
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Category:Cell Phones with Service
11 diggs • 1 comment • Mar 9, 2005

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T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile)

The latest phone features, like an integrated camera with built-in flash, plus the convenience of wireless e-mail. Improved keyboard makes it easy on your thumbs. Includes a free 6 MB e-mail account…

Submitted:Dec 10, 2004
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Category:Cell Phones with Service
43 diggs • 8 comments • Mar 1, 2005

Lowest Price Ever on Sidekick II

They wouldn't be lowering the prices on them do to all the bad publicity they received after Paris Hilton was hacked now would they?

24 diggs • 1 comment • Feb 9, 2005

T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone - FREE after rebates

$174.99 - $200 in rebates = you make $25.01 on the T-Mobile Sidekick II

14 diggs • 3 comments • Apr 9, 2005

T-Mobile Sidekick II - Make $50

T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile) - Get $50 Back after Rebate! # The T-Mobile Sidekick II is the ultimate communication device # Built-in camera with flash w/ Photo-ID# Built-in speakerphone and organizer # A large color screen that flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard makes for quick and easy communication.

12 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 10, 2004

T-Mobile Side Kick II for -$50

Amazon has the new SideKick for a great deal!