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Rampage on Rogers Avenue (A Scotch & Herring Mystery)

Description: 1958 Brooklyn. A Jewish pawnshop ransacked - on the Sabbath - and its owner hospitalized. To help solve the case, newly assigned detective James McCallum calls on his boyhood friend Rabbi Drew Aldala. Their friendship began, ironically, because their fathers were on opposite sides of the law. And now McCallum, to repay a debt, must turn a rabbi into a detective. Rampage on Rogers Avenue is the first in the Scotch and Herring Mystery series…

Submitted:Oct 19, 2011
Author:David Y. B. Kaufmann
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Category:Literature & Fiction
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Rampage on Rogers Avenue (A Scotch & Herring Mystery) eBook: David Y. B. Kaufmann: Kindle Store

Scotch and herring is the snack of Jewish royalty--the old men at the back of the synagogue on Saturday morning, that is. - - ------------------------------------------------ - - - From this honored tradition, the "Scotch and Herring Mysteries"--a new series of short crime novels by David Y.B. Kaufmann--takes its name. The first short novel, Rampage on Rogers Avenue, opens with a terse conversation between two Brooklyn policemen. A break-in at a Jewish pawn shop. An assault on the elderly shopkeeper. All of this happened on a Saturday morning, on the Jewish Sabbath.