The Good Preschool Teacher: Six Teachers Reflect on Their Lives (Early Childhood Education Series)

Submitted:Oct 7, 2008
Author:William Ayers
Brand:Teachers College Press
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Amazon.com: The Good Preschool Teacher: Bill Ayers

Ayers gives 6 talented preschool teachers a stage on which to tell about their craft. Teachers are so rarely given a voice. Preschool teachers are a group even more devalued than teachers of older children. Ayers allows us to see these women as masters, allowing them the depth of discussion and reflection great teaching deserves. Bravo!


The War Play Dilemma: What Every Parent And Teacher Needs to Know (Early Childhood Education Series (Teachers College Pr)) (Early Childhood Education (Teacher's College Pr))

As violence in the media and media-linked toys increases, parents and teachers are also seeing an increase in childrenÂ’s war play. The authors have revised this popular text to provide more practical guidance for working with children to promote creative play, and for positively influencing the lessons about violence children are learning…

Submitted:Apr 26, 2007
Author:Diane E. Levin
Brand:Teachers College Press
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Stuped Book Cover: The War Play Dilemma

Apparently all the graphic designers were working on graphic violence and didn't have time to help them with their book cover.