Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2

Another round of sun and fun on the beach awaits in this volleyball side-project sequel from Tecmo. The girls of DOA take a break from snapping necks and kicking in skulls to bounce around in beach volleyball challenges and minigames. Format: XBOX 360 Genre: SPORTS/GAMES Rating: RP UPC: 018946010489 Manufacturer No: TCM1048

Submitted:Dec 6, 2006
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Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 for 39.99 on amazon.

So you want to perv out, but don't want to pay 59.99 to do it? Get the ultimate perv game for 39.99 at Amazon.com. I was going to pass on this game due to the lackluster reviews, but at this lower price my interest has been re-sparked.