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Paris Movie Walks: Ten Guided Tours Through the City of Lights! Camera! Action!

Ten walking tours let you be the star on the greatest movie set in the world. From Truffaut and Godard to Hanks and Hepburn, Paris has been a magnet for filmmakers and movie stars, whose careers don't seem complete unless they've made at least one film in the world's most romantic location. Now see it from a whole new angle through the lenses of famous directors. Four walks take you past all of Paris's famous sites while telling which stars walked these same streets before you and where they paused to kiss or kill. Four more explore hidden nooks that tourists often overlook, and two offer a taste of the "Old Paris" of '30s and '40s film classics…

Submitted:Oct 26, 2010
Author:Michael Schurmann
Brand:The Intrepid Traveler
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