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Today Sponge Vaginal Contraceptive Sponges, 3 Ea

Benefits of the Today® Sponge Nonhormonal: no exposure to hormones or the side effects of hormones Spontaneity: effective immediately; protects for 24 hours and multiple acts of intercourse Convenient: one size fits all, no messy gels, reversible/effective protections only when a woman needs it Well-studied/safe: as shown in clinical trials required for FDA approval Who should use the Today® Sponge? Any woman comfortable using tampons or other vaginal contraceptives should be able to use the Today® Sponge. Vaginal contraceptives, such as the Today® Sponge, are indicated for women for whom the pill may be unacceptable…

Submitted:Feb 20, 2008
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Category:Female Contraceptives
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Whatever you do, DON'T ORDER THE USED ONES!!

No longer do men have to worry about whether or not they are "spongeworthy" since the Today Sponge is back on the market, even available from