Out of Harm's Way

Jack Thompson eats giants for breakfast. Just ask media giant and shock-jock Howard Stern, who ranted on air about the "one lunatic lawyer" who got him kicked off the air. Jack, an outraged father and activist lawyer, is on a mission to protect children from the violent and obscene video games, music lyrics, shock jock radio shows, and television programs he says are creating a culture of violence and degradation. Going beyond outrage, Thompson chronicles his own spiritual journey from bystander to activist and offers the sociological, medical, scientific, and legal evidence that will motivate all Americans--especially parents--to get involved…

Submitted:Sep 15, 2005
Author:Jack Thompson
Brand:Tyndale House Publishers
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26 diggs • 6 comments • Nov 20, 2005

Jack Thompson has a book out

Guess what's happened to his listing on Amazon.

12 diggs • 3 comments • Oct 21, 2005

Amazon users connect Jack Thompson's book to a certain act

Some cunning Amazon hackers have made a satirical "connection" between Jack Thompson's book and another that you need to see to believe. By using the fact that Amazon tracks what people view directly after another book, the hackers used a technique similar to googlebombing to connect another book to his.

11 diggs • 4 comments • Dec 14, 2005

Review Jack Thompson's Book! (at Amazon.com)

Link to Amazon.com on Jack Thompson's Book titled, "Out of Harm's Way". About his fight on the gaming industry. Is hetrying to earn a buck? You bet he is!

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Out of Harm's Way by Jack Thompson

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