Just Dance 2

Just Dance has got America dancing! The #1 Best Selling Music/Rhythm Game on the Nintendo Wii system is back to keep the party going with an all-star tracklist, the hottest dance moves of today, and a brand new beat for everyone to enjoy. So crank up the volume because it’s time to Just Dance 2!

Submitted:Nov 24, 2010
Brand:UBI Soft
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Amazon.com: Just Dance 2: Video Games

Amazon.com: Just Dance 2: Video Games



Fire it up with this high-quality military-grade flamethrower. Nothing cuts through jungle overgrowth, desert brush, or rapidly-advancing enemies like this miracle machine. Just strap it to your back, fill it with your choice of propane or natural gas, and get in gear. Caution: Do not attempt to smoke while using this product…

Submitted:Dec 22, 2009
Brand:UBI Soft
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Amazon.com: Flamethrower

I guess you can find everything you need on Amazon!

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I'm still waiting to order my Flamethrower from Ubisoft

Sold at Amazon.com


Chessmaster: The Art of Learning

Chessmaster DS

Submitted:Jul 15, 2009
Brand:UBI Soft
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The Most Expensive DS Game $119.97

Probably an error but it still cool.


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Submitted:Mar 29, 2009
Brand:UBI Soft
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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway for $15

Amazon has the latest Brothers in Arms for cheap. The game got decent reviews but for $15 it's a solid game. All versions of the game are on sale.