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UMAX PowerLook 3000 PrePress - Flatbed scanner - A4 - 3048 dpi x 3048 dpi - Fast SCSI

The PowerLook 3000 is UMAXs first flatbed scanner based on moving flatbed technology, auto focus technology and dual lens design, UMAXs own Bit Enhancement Technology (BET) for maximum performance. Based on a unique dual lens design, it is possible to scan in two resolutions. The first lens makes it possible to scan transparent and reflecting originals over the whole scanning area with a resolution of 1220 x 3048 dpi. With the second lens it is possible to scan an area of 86 x 297 mm with a resolution of 3048 x 3048 dpi. The high-resolution scanning area makes it possible to digitize 35mm and medium format negatives/slides as well as panoramic format…

Submitted:Jun 4, 2006
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The Most Expensive Flatbed Scanner. Evar.

You too can purchase the UMAX PowerLook 3000 PrePress flatbed scanner for the low, low price of $99,999,999.00 (shipping and state tax apply, naturally).