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Portal 2

Coming this February to four major platforms (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Mac) Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult following…

Submitted:Mar 30, 2011
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Entry 1 - Portal 2 Hype+ Sweet Deal On The Game

Well sorry guys for not doing any entries for like 2 months but from now on, i will make sure i make at least 6 entries or more a week. The only reason i haven't made entries in a while was because school was starting to get really tough and i really needed to buckle down and focus plus, i was on homework overload for the last 2 months. Well, school finally calmed down again and i have some extra time to finally come back to this website and blog. Now with that aside today's journal is going to be short simple and to the point. O yea, i know right know i'm posting this entry really late at night but, for now on i will stop posting entries this late and expect another entry later today. So you might not know that i enjoy to sometimes kick back by my self or with friends and play video games, and this game called portal 2 is coming out April 19th. now if you played the orange box or any other valve game i could imagine your excitement for the game, i'm already hyped though the roof for this game. A basic run-down of the game is Portal 2 is a first person puzzle game with co-op. Portal 1 was a huge hit and i suggest you play it today it is only 10 bucks off of steam. Now, if you don't already know, if you buy the ps3 version of the game you will also receive the pc version for free. This is exclusive to the ps3 version since it has steamworks on it. I personally say buy it for the ps3 but you can also buy it just for pc or xbox 360. This is a sweet deal right, but guess what can make this even sweeter? Here it is, if you pre order the game off of you dont only get the game for the ps3 and pc, you also get a free 20 dollar gift card to is a great online shopping center and if your thinking about getting portal 2 you should pre-order it from To read more about the 20 dollar deal go to this link:


The Orange Box

Left 4 Dead PC DVD

Submitted:Feb 12, 2008
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Orange box PC Amazon sale - $30 free shipping

Like quality games? Don't like paying money? Compromise!See Yahtzee's review for a more compelling argument.