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A New Host-Based Hybrid IDS Architecture - A Mind Of Its Own: The Know-how Of Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Architecture Using Machine Learning Algorithms With Feature Selection

In a world where our every day life depends on what is going on in the gap between stimulus and reaction, Intruders could make the decision for you. Unless they are detected on time! Network security has been an issue since computers have been networked together. Lots of vulnerabilities, risks and threats came to the scene. An important security product that has emerged is Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). The author proposes a new Host-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System. The Intrusion Detection Analyzer Module consists of two analyzers that work in a hybrid architecture: Anomaly Detection Analyzer and Misuse Detection Analyzer…

Submitted:Aug 28, 2009
Author:Murat Topallar
Brand:VDM Verlag
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Category:Machine Learning
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A new network security book on intrusion detection systems

In this book I am proposing a new host-based hybrid IDS architecture. I believe it will be very useful and inspiring for anyone who is performing research or is just interested in IDS, network security, information security, machine learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, and data mining. It provides innovative ideas for dissertations.