The Venture Bros. - Season Two

An inspired spoof of 1960s action cartoons such as "Johnny Quest," The Venture Bros., follows the bizarre mis-adventures of Hank and Dean who believe themselves to be an unusually gifted team of "brains" and "braun" while actually possessing very little of either. The boys travel the world with their renowned scientist-father, Doctor Venture -- and treat even the most mundane situation as a bold new adventure. As a result, they often find themselves in danger with a host of oddball villains -- but rarely find their way out. The rely instead on their body-guard/undercover government agent Brock Sampson, voiced by Patrick Warburton of "The Tick" and "Seinfeld" fame, to save them…

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The Venture Brothers Season Two DVD april 17th

Complete with deleted scenes commentaries and all that good stuff.