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My One & Only Thrill

Amazing though it is, the story of how Melody Gardot overcame the effects of a near-fatal accident to become one of the vocal sensations of 2008 is not the most extraordinary thing about the 23-year-old Philadelphia singer-songwriter. It is simply that here is a voice in a million; one that touches the soul.

Melody's debut album `Worrisome Heart' introduced, in The Sunday Times' words: "a remarkable talent by any measure", with songs of quiet, wistful poetry in arrangements that "ooze after-hours sophistication". Yet the follow-up, for release in April 2009, marks a substantial leap forward…

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My One and Only Thrill: Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot released her first album, "Worrisome Heart", just last year and a thing of rare beauty it is.But a year ago, much of the discussion about Melody Gardot centered on the way she'd recovered from a terrible road accident and had used music as a therapeutic lifeline.

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My One and Only Thrill: Melody Gardot: Music

These eleven songs, covering a wide range of emotions, are all her own except for an irresistible, Brazilian take on Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It would take a heart of stone to remain unmoved by the poignant title track My One And Only Thrill. And when the album is finished (as Irving Berlin wrote truly) the song is over, but the Melody lingers o