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ATN Viper Night Vision Goggle

ATN Viper Compact Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggle with IR illuminator for Hands Free operations. 1x magnification with the option of 4x or 8x (additional lens and doubler required, not included). Unit is one of the smallest night vision devices ever produced and can be used as compact monocular or goggle (headgear included). Requires one 3V lithium battery, CR123A, included. ATN Corp manufactures and distributed the widest array of Night Vision and high quality optics in the world. We are a sales and market leader in the US. Unsurpassed customer service on both our website and 800#, our technicians are the most knowledgeable in the world…

Submitted:Oct 16, 2006
Brand:Victory Multimedia
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Now, you too can be part of Silence of the Lambs...

amazon never ceases to amaze me