Space Quest Collection

In space, no one can hear you clean. Roger Wilco, a sanitation engineer on the spacelab Arcada, awakes from a nap to discover that space pirates have killed everyone onboard. Roger must escape The Sarien Encounter before they use the Arcada's Star Generator against his home planet of Xenon. Hero and recipient of the Golden Mop, Roger Wilco can barely bask in the promotion of head janitor before he is abducted by the evil Sludge Vohaul. Will Roger escape the dangerous Labion Terror Beast and thwart Vohaul's Revenge? Another narrow escape finds our hero on Phleebhut, where Arnoid the Annihilator wants Roger to settle some debts…

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Space Quest Compilation for Windows XP Finally Being Released

According to Amazon.com it will be released on Sept. 15, along a King's Quest Compilation and Leisure Suit Larry Compilation