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The Cardboard Box Book: 25 Things to Make and Do with and Empty Box

• 25 fun, easy ideas for turning cardboard boxes into cool toys and games

• Great for getting kids away from video games

• "I’m bored"? Try cardboard!

Since the beginning of time, parents have known that there is no point buying Junior a fabulous, expensive toy; Junior always dismisses the toy and plays instead with the cardboard box it came in. Now The Cardboard Box Book celebrates that spirit by showing Junior (and his parents) exactly how to turn cardboard boxes of all sizes into amazing craft projects, toys, and games. Make an airplane, a tepee, a climbing wall for your action figure, a magnetic fishing game, a coat of arms, or a drum kit…

Submitted:Dec 27, 2007
Author:Danny Walsh
Brand:Watson Guptill
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Category:Crafts & Hobbies
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The Most Useless Book Ever

I seriously think this is the most useless book ever.