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Webster's New World Hacker Dictionary

The comprehensive hacker dictionary for security professionals, businesses, governments, legal professionals, and others dealing with cyberspace

Hackers. Crackers. Phreakers. Black hats. White hats. Cybercrime. Logfiles. Anonymous Digital Cash. ARP Redirect.

Cyberspace has a language all its own. Understanding it is vital if you're concerned about Internet security, national security, or even personal security. As recent events have proven, you don't have to own a computer to be the victim of cybercrime-crackers have accessed information in the records of large, respected organizations, institutions, and even the military…

Submitted:Sep 27, 2006
Author:Bernadette Schell
Brand:Wiley Publishing, Inc.
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Webster's New World Hacker Dictionary

The Hacker's Dictionary from Webster's New World. Cyberspace is a language of its own. I'm definitely buying one.