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World Cuisine Non Stick 13 3/4 Inch by 13 Inch Silicone Baking Mat

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat This rubber-like non-stick baking/freezing mat is a pan liner made of food grade woven silicone. It's thermal shock resistant from -40 degrees F. to 600 degrees F. and is reusable up to 3,000 times. Its ultimate non-stick properties are suitable for sugar, chocolate, viennoiserie and confectioner work, as well as cookies and cakes. It’s preferable to roll the mat rather than to fold it for storage. No greasing or special maintenance is necessary. Clean with a sponge under warm tap water. Do not use on open flame. The non-stick baking mat has a special silicone finish on one side only and therefore does not adhere to a working surface…

Submitted:Jun 30, 2008
Brand:World Cuisine
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Category:Baking Mats
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