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Truth Be Told: The Voice of A Child

A 9 year old Maya Baker confides in her diary her deepest secrets growing up well into adolescence. Surrounded by poverty, neglect, abuse, torture, violence and drugs, Maya tries her best to keep her sanity. Every family has their secrets but nothing seems to compare to the Baker family Secrets that leave everyone devastated. As pedophilia victimizes the whole family, everyone struggles with their sexual identity, self hate, trust and most importantly Love. For the first time in her life Maya finds closure by revealing the Truth, taking the stand as a witness in the most infamous Drug and Murder case against her rape assailant Abbriel Jenkins aka “Hefty”…

Submitted:May 20, 2011
Author:Kimya Bates-Atkinson
Brand:Xlibris, Corp.
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Category:Literature & Fiction
2 diggs • 2 comments • May 20, 2011 Truth Be Told: The Voice of A Child (9781456870683): Kimya Bates-Atkinson: Books TRUTH BE TOLD: The Voice of A Child (9781456870683): Kimya Bates-Atkinson: Books available on amazon Get your copy today! Amazon best seller...


Moon People 2

Moon People 2 This story is about the space Adventures of 1st Science Officer Captain David Braymer and his transition from the Lunar Base 1 base station to his new home the Powleens traded them called the Aurora,a spaceship that looks like a Moon also known as "Goddess of The Dawn" it is 10 kilometers in diameter and with light speed capability. It’s the size of a small city.It has everything a small city would have like two hospitals and restaurants and shopping malls all over the ship…

Submitted:Jul 2, 2009
Author:Dale M Courtney
Brand:Xlibris, Corp.
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Category:Literature & Fiction
9 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 2, 2009

Dale M. Courtney is back! Moon People 2!

This is a great book of teh his tory of the Moon People!

1 diggs • 0 comments • Oct 1, 2009

Moon People 2! The people are back!

Finally Mr. Dale M. Courtney 's masterpiece is complete. This book is so good, it can cant get any gooder than this.