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Ridata 8x 4.7 GB DVD+R Spindle (100 Discs)

DVD+R is a high capacity multimedia data storage medium that can accommodate a complete movie on a single disc. RITEK DVD+R media has excellent performance while using in DVD+RW/+R drivers. Its quality and the highest suitability for the drivers assure you stable and reliable writing. Furthermore, its excellent durability, allowing over a million times of reading, ensures recorded data protection for a long period of time…

Submitted:Nov 19, 2005
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100 pack of Ridata 8x DVD+R Media $18

Get this 100 pack of Ridata 8x DVD+R Media for 18 bucks at Just enter coupon code CUSTAPPRSAVE for 5% off and send in the $25 rebate...

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BEST Blank DVD+R Deal - 100 Pack for $12.99 - 8 Speed - Bam

Ridata brand. $99.99 List. $37.99 Amazon price. $25 rebate. Makes it $12.99. I keep up with these stupid deals sites as well as here on Digg, this is definitely the best offer I have seen on blanks.

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100 Ridata 4.7 GB DVD+R $22.99

List price 99.99 save $62 then use $15 Rebate for Total of $22.99


Memorex 8.5Gb/ 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer (25-Pack Spindle)

Memorex DVD+R 8.5GB Double Layer 2.4x 25 Pack Spindle

Submitted:Oct 30, 2005
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25 Pack DVD+R 8.5GB - $49.99 Shipped (NO MiR needed)

Memorex brand. Dual layer.


Verbatim 8x 4.7 GB DVD+R (100-Pack Spindle)

Verbatim 8X DVD+R media are certified for 1X-8X DVD writing. DVD+R discs offer 4.7GB of write-once storage capacity utilizing the popular DVD+RW format. Enabling users to burn a full DVD disc in less than 10 minutes, Verbatim 8X DVD+R media can be used with high speed DVD+ writers from Sony, Dell, HP, Pioneer and other leading manufacturers, as well as upgraded 2.4X DVD+R writers. In addition, these discs are read compatible with the vast majority of DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players. High quality, broad compatibility, low storage cost and high-speed recording make Verbatim DVD+R media ideal for sharing and archiving computer data, home videos, photos, music and more…

Submitted:Aug 7, 2005
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Blank DVD+R .32 Cents each - 100 Pack 8X (Free Shipping)

$32 Shipped. List price is $104. Bad ass deal, 8 speed instead of the 4X I always see posted. Verbatim brand.

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Verbatim 8x 100 DVD+R media $27.96

AmazonNot bad... if you have a 8x burner.. most people want 16x

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Verbatim 8x 4.7GB DVD+R (100 Discs) for $39.99

Verbatim 8x 4.7 GB DVD+R Spindle (100 Discs) at just $39.99 and free shipping. No rebate required.


Velocity 8X 4.7 GB DVD+R (100-Pack Spindle)

Submitted:Jul 16, 2005
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100 DVD+R $20 AR shipped

amazon has some good prices on blank DVD media enjoyVelocity DVD+R 8X 4.7 GB 100 Discs $20 AR and more


Verbatim 95014 8.5 GB 2.4x-6x Double Layer Recordable Disc DVD+R DL, 3-Disc Jewel Cases

Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16X DataLifePlus branded surface 25/pk spindle…

Submitted:Mar 14, 2005
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Verbatim 3-Pack Dual-Layer DVDs: only $13.99! - 3-pack 8.5GB Dual-Layer DVD+R w. jewel cases. $8 mail-in rebate, and free shipping!