Belkin F8V234-WHT-APL Headphone Splitter

Belkin audio accessories offer excellent connections for your portable audio devices. This Headphone Splitter connects two stereo speakers or headphones to the mini-stereo jack on your iPod and cassette, MP3, or CD player…

Submitted:Mar 2, 2007
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Dog Groomimg Tool - Belkin F8V234-WHT-APL Headphone Splitter

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WOW some people just dont deserve to live

not really news but this guy is just so stupid i had to share; read the second comment


Monster Cable AICYP iSplitter Mini Y-Adapter for iPod and Mac

Hook up dual headphones to share music and movies via your iPod - laptop - or personal DVD player

Submitted:Dec 6, 2005
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Monster Cable iSplitter (2 Headphones to 1 Jack) for $3.29 @ Amazon

Not with the "New or Used" button, but when you add to cart that is the price that comes up. Y adapter connects 2 minijack (.125-inch) stereo headphones or speakers to one minijack output. 24k gold-plated contacts. Product is white to match with iPod.