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Motorola IMFree Handheld Instant Messenger Kit

Manufacturer's Part # MX240A

This product is Brand New.Great Motorola Buy! IMfree Wireless Instant Messenger IMfree lets instant messengers roam almost anywhere around the house up to 150 feet from an Internet-connected PC and base station so your teens can chat with up to six buddies at a time from the comfort of... wherever.

Best of all, with the home computer in less demand, other family members can get their work done at the same time.

Parental controls enable you to determine when the IMfree device can be used and which chat invitations can be accepted. Big families can support up to seven handsets with one base station…

Submitted:Jul 17, 2005
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Category:Laptop Messenger Bags
18 diggs • 7 comments • Jul 17, 2005

$19.99 chat device

Motorola, it is available at walmart too (in store). Kids can use this via infrared connection to a PC to chat. Free up your PC!