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Arkon CM629 Universal Pda Vent Mount

ARKON CM629 Universal PDA Vent Mount

Submitted:Jan 19, 2006
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Category:PDA & Handheld Accessories
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Cheap Solution for Your Car to Secure Your iPod!

This is a great product to hold your iPod in your car. It works great and fits 4g and 5g iPod's.


Targus PA765U ThumbPad Keyboard

The Targus Palm Portable Keyboard is the smallest keyboard for your Palm. This truly unique thumb-type keyboard clips on to the bottom of the serial port on your PDA for fast, truly portable typing, so theres no need for an external stand or a flat surface. Your Palm and the keyboard act as one unit. Ideally suited for your short messages, notes, and PIM maintenance, this ThumbPad attracts attention for all the right reasons. It helps you maximize the potential of your Palm while its lightweight, versatile features keep you on the go and in command... Type anything, anywhere with the ThumbPad keyboard!Targus offers you this ThumbPad keyboard for Palm m500, m505…

Submitted:Jun 24, 2005
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Category:Keyboards & Styluses
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Targus Thumb Pad for Palm M500/505 for $5

I realize the M500 model Palm is pretty old but there are still plenty of uses for them. This add-on Thumb Pad style keyboard is currently selling for 90% off the regular price. It'll surely make the old Palm more useful.