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Inflatable wife

Inflatable Wife! Fed up wasting all that valuable drinking time traipsing round the shops? Then look no further, is proud to present this the ultimate in in pleasantly proportioned pocket partners. Totally silent, this little beauty nags about nothing. That's right NOTHING, not a thing, nix, nil, nought and that's exactly how much of your wage packet she'll spend each week on her "essentials". True our product doesn't cook, can't read a map and won't satisfy you in bed, so what will you be missing? At least with our product you get man-time with your friends or watch football uninterrupted…

Submitted:Dec 17, 2007
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Category:Inflatable Bed Accessories
4 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 17, 2007

Buy a wife for only $10.99 .. Great X-mas

best of all she will not talk back ... or spend your money !!