The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello

THE EX, A radical alternative to the typical block o' wood, will revolutionize the way you store your knives! No knife holder has taken a greater stab at the theatrical than this specially designed Ex knife holder. Et tu, Brute? This 5pc knife holder is unlike any cutlery set you have ever seen! This whimsical, artistic kitchen accessory holds 5 high quality stainless steel kitchen knives (included) in a rather unorthodox fashion - STORE YOUR KNIVES IN AN ANONYMOUS EFFIGY DEDICATED TO WHOMEVER YOU PLEASE! Take out your frustrations as you store your knives! Makes a perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece! Plastic casings house every knife to prevent blade exposure…

Submitted:Feb 19, 2007
Brand:CSB Commodities
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Category:Knife Block Sets
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28 diggs • 7 comments • Feb 19, 2007

Coolest knife holder ever!

cool spin on a knife holder..

1 diggs • 0 comments • Oct 15, 2008

Killer Stainless-Steel Knife Set!

Awesome steel knife set.