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Reginald's Revenge [Explicit]

Submitted:Jul 23, 2010
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Category:Hardcore & Punk
2 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 23, 2010 Reginalds Revenge: Nukeateen: Grunge Revival

Get a preview listen to the tracks from Reginald's Revenge at! Nukeateens 2nd album Reginalds Revenge will be out on 26th July 2010 for download and on CD during August. Nukeateen are a 90s grunge band.


It Was A Dance

Submitted:Jul 30, 2009
Brand:Zinn13 Revolution Studio
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Category:Alternative Rock
2 diggs • 0 comments • Jul 30, 2009 It Was A Dance: Shannon Grady: MP3 Downloads

Great new folk album from a solid independent artist. I didn't even know I liked folk music until I heard this.


Prospekt's March EP [+Digital Booklet]

Submitted:Nov 26, 2008
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Category:Alternative Rock
2 diggs • 0 comments • Nov 26, 2008

Coldplay releases "Prospekts March EP" 8 new songs for $0.99 is now offering the latest Coldplay release "Prospekts March EP" for $0.99, TOTAL! Included are 8 tracks with a couple of remixes, new arrangements, new tunes, and a guest appearance by Jay-Z. Do yourself a this before it's gone!

1 diggs • 0 comments • Nov 26, 2008

Coldplay's new EP Prospekts March only 99 cents on Amazon

Let's hope more bands ditch the album format and start releasing content as it is finished. And to make it even sweeter, keep the prices low like this one. 8 songs for 99 cents!!! Whether it's a blunder or just a hidden deal....go get it now!!!'s full price on iTunes.


Pork And Beans

Submitted:Apr 13, 2008
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Category:Alternative Rock
2 diggs • 1 comment • Apr 13, 2008

New Weezer Single: April 22ed

The first single for Weezers 6th album will be released April 22, for now there is a short clip on Amazons music store. Full album June 17th.


Music Hole [+Digital Booklet]

Submitted:Apr 11, 2008
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Category:Alternative Rock
2 diggs • 0 comments • Apr 11, 2008

Groovy and sexy atheist song!

"Gospel With No Lord" is the first track from the latest album "MUSIC HOLE" by beautiful-charming-lovely-cute-and-with-a-great-voice French singer Camille. Listen to it on the link!! (